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    This blog will be on hiatus from now through the first week of May 2014. I’m on vacation, and will show up again once I’ve recovered from the massive jet lag I’m sure to have after time-traveling across the international date line.

    Blog being run via queue in the meantime. See you on the other side!

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    awkwardstiel I saw that you are taking requests, so would you be willing to draw Dean tickling Cas?

    Hopefully season 9 spoilers :)

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  5. Anonymous asked: After reading your Metatron Ships It post, you gotta ask yourself one question. Who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? The entire episode contained a lot of postmodern concepts (mostly about truth, meaning, and reality). Just a fun little thing to think about.

    Absolutely, that is the Question!

    I’ve never really done the whole ‘meta’ thing before - it was kind of an accident the first time, and then I needed to do more just to process through it properly for myself, and then I figured other people might find it helpful for their own processing. I’m inherently wary of it, normally; it’s (relatively) easy to throw together some interesting words and a few supporting images to make just about any point you could ever want to make. So in most cases, I’d say it’s the You (us crazy fans) who infuses meaning.

    For Meta Fiction specifically, though, I felt there were a few things deliberately built into the episode that we just couldn’t ignore.

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    sometimes I just wanna hold cas’ face between my hands and SQUISH IT. LIKE YES HI HELLO ANGEL OF THE LORD. SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH. 

    I don’t always reblog something twice, but when I do, it’s relevant to my feels.

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Jensen at BurCon 2012 [x]


    Jensen at BurCon 2012 [x]

  8. sketching marathon continues seriouslythowhat’sgoingonidon’tfeelwell

    ((*cough* at the top left corner in the 4th panel i took a little inspiration from this lovely picture by friendlypapaya. sorry…! i was just scrolling my dash and drawing everything neat that happened to catch my eye.))

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    Women of Steel

    cripes, yes.

  10. 9x18 Meta Fiction - The Meta

    Or, “Does Metatron Ship It?”

    Let me begin by saying this was super confusing. I started out just trying to answer the question, “When does Metatron’s story take over from ‘reality?’” And it got complicated.

    Before rewatching, I thought there was a moment we could perhaps identify as when Castiel gets taken, and that everything up to that point was “real.” But rewatching it now, there’s really not an identifiable switch. 

    Here’s how it starts:

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